Truths, Facts & Opinions

Pizza is one of the worlds greatest foods.

Mountain Dew is the worlds best soft drink.

My ‘97 Ford E-250 van has over 1,100,000 miles on it and is still running strong!

I’m drinking Mountain Dew Code Red as I’m making this page.

BW3 Hot wings are the best in the world. I eat them nearly every tuesday. mmm mmm good. Best flavors: Azian Zing, Mango Habanero and Honey bbq.

I’ve taken the Blazin’ wing challenge and won! Eat 12 Blazin’ wings in less than 6 minutes with no drinks. My time was just over 5 minutes. I have the trophy T-shirt. Blazin’ sauce is HOT!

I gave “Rhyno” his name way back before he went to ECW.

I’m addicted to the interactive internet games ‘earth 2025’ found at If you play look me up. I’m Rookie Killer.

“Reality” tv shows are STUPID! I can’t stand them! I HATE THEM! They stir up great anger in me when I see them. I’d rather slam my fingers in a car door or put 1000 paper cuts on my face than watch stupid reality tv! My oppenents better hope I never watch a “Reality Show” before I get in the ring with them. It’ll get bloody!

My birthday is August 13.

I was trained by Al Snow & D’Lo Brown.

I have never been married and I have no kids. Pretty single women, send me your pics, emails and phone numbers.

I have many styilin’ and profilin’ shoes. 2 pair of green shoes, 4 pair of black shoes, 2 pair of blue shoes and a pair of pumpkin orange shoes.

I crank up opera music on the way to wrestling events...torchering those who ride with me. I play disco/techno music on the way back from wrestling events...I love disco/techno music!

I trained Gary Dawson, Kris Konflict and Kurt Konflict in an unheated big red barn during the winter months in 20-30 degree weather with snow falling thru the cracks of the roof. (it’s true)

I am NOT getting old, I am NOT getting fat, I am NOT going bald and I am NOT in denial!

You LOVE me, LOVE me, LOVE me!!!

Wonder twin powers...ACTIVATE!!!

I can bake an excellent cheesecake, awesome brownies and delicious fudge...and I’m not gay. I’m just that good.

Are you still reading this page???

Favorite movies: Dumb & Dumber, Blazing Saddles, Napoleon Dynomite, all 3 Terminators, all the Naked Guns & Police Squads, Airplane 1 & 2, Undercover Brother, Dodgeball, all 3 X-Men, Office Space, all 3 Spidermans, scary movie 1,2,3&4, kung pow, Young Guns 1 & 2...I’m sure there’s more...

Favorite TV: The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Futurama, Sienfeld, The Fairly Odd Parents, Space Ghost and any show with me on it.

Favorite wrestlers growing up: Ric Flair, Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer, Buzz Sawyer, Kamala, Bruiser Brody, Wild Samoans, Roddy Piper, Micheal Hayes, Road Warriors...

Favorite wrestlers now: Mr Main Event, Mr Main Event and Mr Main Event.

I love BBQ’s and fishing.

I love driving through the Mountains.

Celebrities in love with me: Jane Seymour, Sandra Bullock, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Kirsty Alley, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymoore,...

I’ve been to Bucksnort, Tennessee. It’s so small it’s not shown on my road atlas. It’s on I-40 west of Nashville exit 152.

I have a pink & black sand rail dune buggy. I bought it that way, it’s just coincidence that it matches my pink & black wrestling colors.

I love egg nog. Southern Comfort vanilla spice is the best! Yes it’s non-alcholic.

My brother and trainee Gary Dawson was one of the Undertakers Druids in the Nov. 27, 2005 WWE Survivor Series ppv.

My other brother HeLLviS (Elvis Elliott) was a Druid on Saturday Night Main Event.

I drove over 100,000 miles in 2005.

I’ve NEVER smoked, did drugs or even tasted a beer or any alchohol in my life.

I eat LOTS of taco bell and pizza.

I also love the Burger King Whopper. The King Kong triple whopper is awesome! My belief is that when I’m sick, if I eat a whopper it makes me well again. It seems to work for me; try it the next time your sick and see if it works for you too.

After wrestling shows you can usually find us at the nearest taco bell. Pizza before the wrestling, taco bell after wrestling.

I can’t believe how good looking I am. I get better looking every day. I can’t wait to see how much better looking I am tomorrow than I am today.

He who runs behind a car gets exhausted and he who runs in front of a car get tired.

If I was a stool salesman would I carry stool samples with me?

I hit a deer in April 2007 and another in December 2007. I get more deer than hunters and I don’t need to sit in a tree all day.

“Reality tv” can be considered extreme torture in my opihion. If terrorists were made to watch “reality tv” they would talk very quickly.

Pro wrestling is far more real than “Reality tv”.

“Reality tv” should ALWAYS be said or written with the “Quotations” around it. If your saying it, use your fingers to do the motion of “quotes”.

I’m not a model, I just look like one.

I play CoD4 on the pc live. S*E*A*R|Taxes

June 26, 2009 I caught my first northern pike fish in Ontario, Canada. I ate him about an hour later. Yummy!

I have now been in all 48 continental states and 3 provinces of Canada. Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

(More coming soon!)