He robs little innocent kittens!!!

And he trains chimps to do the same!!!

He tries his hardest to make his cat blow chunks every day. It really makes him happy when he succeeds! He says it’s very hard to gross out a cat on a daily basis to the point where he blows chunks.

Some days he just goes to the beach and knocks peoples heads off...just for the fun of it!

Mr. Main Event got his limit of flying deer this hunting trip. He also got the guy in the red suit. Santa will NOT be available next Christimas.

If he’s not robbing kittens he’s training them to be sharpshooters. Why chase mice when you can just sit back and pick ‘em off for an easy work free lunch.

Then after years of work free lunches from sharpshooting mice, the cute fuzzy little kitten ends up a BIG FAT CAT!!!

If he’s not training them to be a “Hitcat” with the sniper rifles, he also trains them in the martial arts to be ninja and samuri cats!

Theres nothing like a great feline massage after a good work out!

Sometimes I make little kitty cats beg for their cute little lives!

Sometimes their begging just isn’t good enough and I sell them to the nearest chinese buffet.

“Carefull Herb, all these cat jokes have him on edge”!

Hey! It’s FREE!!!

Once I gave a kitten miracle grow just to see what would happen. We had to remove the big bay window to get him out of the house.

Sometimes I give them a bit to much catnip.

This is how cats turn out after to much catnip.

I punish bad kitty’s by shoving them in a glass. They will learn sooner or later.

Or I hand them over to the Little Yellow Duck Mafia.

After their Ninja/Samuri class weapons training is done I make them practice for hours on their surprise attack pouncing skills.

Sometimes I send in “Undercover Dog” to check things out with the cats. He wears this disguise so the cats don’t recognise him.


(hey it’s a form of cat)

Some people stuff their turkeys for good eating. I stuff my cats for good eating. They taste like chicken.

Kitty Rambo! Ready to take on “Undercover Dog”...when he finds him...so far, he’s only seen one guy, wearing glasses and dentures...