Stealing Kamalaís Mask!!!

What a pretty mask! I think Iíll take it for my own! With a confused look on his face Kamala said something in Ugandan that we didnít understand.

Kamala started yelling louder, angery sounding Ugandan words, and started chasing after MME. We donít know what he said but weíre sure you can figure out what heís yelling. By the look of total fear on his face we think MME has figured out what Kamala is yelling also.

 This picture sums up what Kamala thought about MME stealing his mask. He done put the trash in its place. Kamala then pointed to his mask, slapped his belly a few times and uttered more words in Ugandan. Weíre not sure if he was only insulting MME or challenging him to a wrestling match. You can be certain MME wonít be touching Kamalaís mask ever again!