I wrote this poem on Friday night, January 9, 2004.

Mr. Main Event

In silver boots, pink and black tights,
I enter the ring ready to fight.
My ring jacket, a silver tux,
my kneepad, loaded with brass knux.
From Cruiserweights to Super Heavyweights,
I face them all,
If I can't win fairly,
I use the Knux to win the fall.
Week after week,
many different places,
Fans come to boo me,
with disgust on their faces.
I claim to be "Your Hero",
it's on the back of my tights,
But the fans say I'm a Zero,
not a hero in their sights.
But who are the fans to me,
just people getting bent,
I am Dripping with Greatness,
for I,
am Mr. Main Event!